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Who we are

The West of England Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) is helping to deliver positive healthcare outcomes in the region and nationally by driving the development and adoption of new innovations and enabling patients to play an increasing role in their own care and of others. In doing so the impact of our work is far reaching: from enhancing patient wellbeing, saving lives and mitigating high risk incidents such as strokes; to enhancing efficiencies in healthcare practice and boosting the local economy through private sector collaborations. Find out more about us.

Working with us

We work alongside a range of partners – health service providers, care professionals, commissioners, service users, the general public, businesses, universities and other research bodies –  to act upon healthcare challenges and opportunities for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

Health & social care

Participate in our skills programme, work with our business connections on new ideas and gain critical care insights from the evidence base we are developing.

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We want to hear about your innovations which can help meet future healthcare challenges.

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Patients & the public

Help us make healthcare centred on you by giving us your views.

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Universities & research institutes

Play a key role in providing the research that supports the development of new innovations and provides the evidence to shape future care provision.

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What we do


Bristol-based robotics start-up secures SBRI funding for life-changing bionic hands

Open Bionics is to be awarded £100,000 through SBRI Healthcare, an NHS England initiative, as part …

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The industrial strategy, right on man!

The government's green paper on Building our Industrial Strategy was published in January. Our …

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Welcome and congratulations to all new members @theQCommunity There is a lot to do so enjoy the journey @WEAHSN

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Primary Care Collaborative Bath

Date: 01/03/2017   Time: 08:30
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New impact video unveiled

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