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How can we help drive innovation in healthcare?

Universities and other research bodies are critical to providing research insights that can support the development of new innovations and areas of potential application. Research is also critical to demonstrating market potential which in turn supports funding to turn the idea into reality.

We have supported 10 joint projects between industry and academia which have generated £5m in grant funding. These have involved the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, West of England and Swansea.

They include:

  • Supporting clinical trials for a new cardiac monitor at the University of Bristol Clinical Trials Evaluation Unit. We have supported Plessey in developing and establishing clinical trials for their product at the university’s specialist heart institute.
  • Investigating ways of improving health through social prescribing, an approach that seeks to tackle patients’ social and physical wellbeing. We are working with Chew Magna-based Digital Algorithms and the University of Bath to test this approach locally and use the findings on other similar projects across the West of England.
  • Working with the University of the West of England to bring in £4m in investment through the Innovation 4 Growth funding grant, which will be to support local businesses develop innovative products, technologies and processes that can be used to improve local healthcare delivery.
  • We are part of the Redistributed Manufacturing in Healthcare Network (RiHN), funded by EPSRC. The study aims to move towards more localised production of healthcare products to enable faster response times, lower cost, better preservation of sensitive goods, and the potential to support the delivery of tailored, right-first-time treatments to all patients. We work with the RiHN by providing healthcare and procurement links to assist with the research.



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