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External Resources

Useful external resources

European Enterprise Network (EEN), brings together 600 partner organisations in more than 50 countries to help your business innovate, grow and succeed in the European marketplace. It’s the world’s largest business support network, but free and simple to use with local contacts and insight across each part of the UK.

Accelerated Access Review: Interim report, a review of innovative medicines and medical technologies, supported by Wellcome Trust

ABHI Medical Industry Accreditation (MIA) Scheme allows members of the Medical Technology industry to apply for an ID card which demonstrates a successful completion of an accredited training course, qualifying the holders to be present in either the theatre or acute care environments

NHS Code4Health provides doctors, nurses and care staff with specialist training and support to create and deliver their own IT programmes and products to increase their involvement in the development of online tools that will directly lead to improved care.

Health Technologies Adoption Programme, a programme which identifies ways to overcome potential barriers to the implementation of NICE guidance.

Standards of evidence: an approach that balances the need for evidence with innovation provides an overview of the Nesta Standards of Evidence. It can assist in understanding whether the evidence available shows that a certain intervention is having a positive impact.

Principles for the provision of information and advice to individuals to support independent living – Code of practice. This document, developed by British Standard Institution and sponsored by Innovate UK, provides recommendations for the delivery of information and advice to ensure that individuals can make informed choices about long term care and support needs, and maximise their opportunities for independent living.