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Working with businesses

Small and medium sized businesses and larger companies are benefitting from the support provided by us to bring greater innovation into our health services. In doing so we are helping boost the economy as well as healthcare through the assistance we are providing.

We are stimulating successful innovation collaborations between the business sector, healthcare providers and Universities by:

  • launching healthcare challenges and funding opportunities
  • connecting people through our events to develop industry’s knowledge of the healthcare market as well as relationships with the health service community
  • providing new skills related to bringing products to market in a healthcare environment
  • offering access to our extensive network of contacts, helping you find the right people to work with.

Take a look at our short video to understand how work with businesses:

We are facilitating collaborative projects in many areas including atrial fibrillation, mental health, urgent care and diabetes.

As a result of our work with industry to date, new technologies are being developed that enable self-care at home; detect ECG signals without the need for patients to be hooked up to leads and monitors; and ensure medication is taken as prescribed, using a smart tag.



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