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Work with us

We work with a range of organisations and partners including:

Health and social care providers

We help NHS Trusts, community health services, Clinical Commissioning Groups and pharmacists deliver the best possible care and experience to patients. We also support a range of professionals, from clinicians to commissioners, by developing their skills and knowledge, so that they can make better informed decisions and be more productive in what they do.


We are connecting with a range of businesses, from SMEs to large  companies, to develop collaborative projects with  healthcare providers, commissioners, Universities and members of the public to drive up the  generation and  adoption of new technologies in our health and life science communities .

Patients and Public

We are working alongside our service users and the wider public to help shape patient care and treatment as well as future practice management.

Universities and Research Bodies

We are working with the  Universities of Bath, Bristol and the West of England and health bodies such as the West of England Local Clinical Research Network and Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research & Care to support the acceleration of innovation in our healthcare community and an evidence-informed approach to service delivery.



#PReCePT started life in the West of England @UHBristolNHS & @WEAHSN. Co-designed by clinicians and families #PReCePT is…

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(17/17) ... Lauren Hoskin, Communications Office #PReCePTPeople

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(15/17) ... Tony Goring, Project Support @nhs_tony #PReCePTPeople

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