Leanna Wakely

Former Neonatal Parent, SNUG
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Leanna Wakely is a former Neonatal parent and Founder of SNUG, a charity that supports and advocates for Neonatal families in the South West of England. Her educational background is in Psychology and Social Sciences, though recently she has undertaken a higher diploma in leadership and strategic management.

Leanna is very passionate about advocating for neonatal parents and has become involved in the PERIPrem project in the capacity of ‘The Service User Voice’.

‘Lived experience of neonatal care brings a different dimension to how we design and deliver successful interventions’

As well as sitting on several working groups, Leanna has also developed international research relating to parent-to-parent support in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) setting with The University of Exeter.

In her spare time she enjoys swimming, reading and spending time with her children.

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