Sandra Tweddell

Representative for patient and public views

Sandra’s career in education started as a teacher before moving onto leadership posts and finally lead inspector to Ofsted and trainer of inspectors. For the last 15 years she combined this with working as an International Education Consultant in countries such as Abu Dhabi, Uganda and the United States.  The work involved advising local, national and international governments on improving education through the evaluation of institutions and the management of change.

Sandra has lived with Type 1 diabetes since 1961 and is very conscious of varying levels of diabetes care across the country. As a result, she wanted to work to ensure that people with diabetes receive the best possible care to enable them to understand and manage their condition. Moving to Bristol, she found no local support groups so was instrumental in developing the structure of the Bristol Diabetes Support Network, which included a Strategy group involving members of the Bristol CCG and Bristol Community Health. This provided a forum for two-way communication of people’s experiences of diabetes care and developments in diabetes care. She is currently a public contributor to the West of England AHSN working with the Digital Diabetes Coach initiative.

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