Rachel Ions

Consultant Obstetrician at North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT)

Rachel is a Consultant Obstetrician at North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) with a special interest in maternal medicine and intrapartum care. She has worked closely with the AHSN since being the local representative for NBT at the South West Obstetric Network in 2018-2019. More latterly she has become more interested in Quality Improvement following her involvement in the national Maternal and Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme, with a local project to reduce postpartum haemorrhage rates. Following on from this she has become involved in other regional QI work such as the PeriPrem project.

Rachel is a part of the national Clinical Improvement Leaders Group and as such contributes to the regional Patient Safety Network. She enjoys seeing the difference that can be made by properly embedding known good practice, and the pride that all members of the team can share in as they realise these improvements for the women and babies they care for.

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