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Leading and Influencing


Leading improvement is complex and challenging. It requires a broad range of skills and behaviours to bring about the changes required.

This short series of articles, published in the British Journal of Healthcare Management and reproduced by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, endeavours to pull together the wealth of published research and learned opinion and draw out some of the key behaviours, skills, and attributes necessary to successful quality improvement leadership.

It is a simple, practical and challenging summary of the skills required to be a good quality improvement leader.

Further reading:

Habits of an improver

Another recent publication from The Health Foundation describes the ‘habits of an improver’. It offers a way of viewing the field of improvement from the perspective of those who deliver and co-produce care on the ground – the improvers on whom the NHS depends.

The paper describes 15 habits which such individuals regularly deploy, grouped under five broad headings:

  • Learning
  • Influencing
  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Systems thinking

The Habits of an Improver has been written to promote discussion and as a possible model for all those seeking to take decisions about the best balance of attitudes, skills and knowledge for improvement across the NHS and beyond.

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