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The Improvement Journey


The West of England Academy’s Improvement Journey is our framework for planning and delivering an improvement project.

Our five phase systematic approach can be used however complex the problem you are trying to overcome or challenging the change you need to make.

For each phase we describe the approach you should take and the ‘output’ you should aim for. On completion of each phase you can move onto the next, until the project has achieved the overall aims and can be completed.

Additionally, within each phase we signpost you to information on relevant tools and resources. These include templates to download, video clips, information sheets, online resources and learning modules.

Time has been dedicated to identifying high quality, practical guidance for you to use. We will of course continually review all the materials to ensure it remains up-to-date and would welcome suggestions on amendments and enhancements. Please get in touch with Dave Evans at

Start your improvement journey here. Good luck and enjoy!

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