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Case study: Development programme brings injury self-recovery App to the healthcare market

The healthcare challenge

The burden on GPs is well documented. Yet many appointments could be avoided if patients could be encouraged to self-manage their recovery from an injury, illness or operation. Take back injuries which result in some 25 million GP appointments a year in England, some 7% of all appointments, these can be reduced by encouraging patient self-management and can help reduce the burden on time poor GPs.

The solution/outcomes

Dr Carey McClellan is a specialist physiotherapist in emergency care and the founder of getUbetter®. He has devised a suite of smart apps to help people self-manage back, ankle, shoulder and knee injuries. It will take the user step-by-step through every stage of recovery, promoting self-management whilst putting the patient in control. The apps include multimedia “SMART” information (the right information, delivered in the right way at the right time point) about their injury including:

  • what is normal
  • what to expect
  • how to self-treat
  • lifestyle information
  • psychological considerations of injury
  • a personalised getUbetter® Dr Mac avatar
  • videos
  • a symptom checker
  • outcome measures
  • the ability to compare recovery to those around you
  • monitoring recovery
  • connection to GPs or health professionals if needed.

It provides access to professional treatment and assessment at the tap of a button when recommended and is designed to be offered by GPs to their patients as well as used independently by the ‘active well’ who are happy to self-manage their own recovery.

Support from the West of England AHSN

Dr McClellan has been successful achieving traction for his suite of apps thanks to the Healthcare Innovation Programme.

He said: “Creating a pitch for specific audiences and understanding how the language has to change was one of the key learnings from the course. They don’t teach us this when you’re studying to go into the healthcare profession. I have learned much more about positioning the product and its values according to the audience.”




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