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West of England Academy

The West of England Academy provides a range of resources to help you gain knowledge and develop essential skills for innovative thinking and working. We promote the use of quality improvement methodologies to support the drive for continuous improvement in the delivery of services for patients.

The Academy supports health and care professionals and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) across the West of England to deliver improved care at better value to society. This covers the full innovation journey, from gaining a greater understanding of specific challenges, developing creative ideas, prototyping and testing of solutions through to gathering evidence to support implementation and spread of solutions and evaluation of the benefits.

Why support innovation?

Innovation is the new front in improving healthcare. Simply put, innovation is ‘the application of ideas or technologies to achieve change.’

In the NHS Long Term Plan, Simon Stevens describes the AHSNs as ‘the innovation arm of the NHS’. Within the West of England AHSN we are building on our successful work in spreading the use of Quality Improvement (QI) methodologies by refreshing and broadening the scope of our Academy to support the use of innovation tools and techniques.

Who is the Academy for?

The Academy is for all health and care professionals, front line, support services and commissioners, plus innovators living or working in the West of England.

What’s on offer

We run learning events across the West of England including an online programme. We also offer online resources and toolkits available for download, and bespoke support for those needing specialist advice on our services. Follow the links below for more information.

If you want guidance on the use of these resources or to discuss further support, please email