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On 09/12/2015 in Diagnosis & Assessment · Healthcare Apps

GROUNDVISION is a patient centric eNurse enablement tool, that allows the recording of Vital Signs and Early Warning Scores, views of Advanced Patient Health Trajectory and RADAR, Fluid Balance Recording and Calculations, Bristol Stool Categorisation and Assessment, Clostridium difficile Risk Assessment, Isolation and Alerting, Clostridium difficile and Sepsis Care Pathways, AKI and Sepsis Detection and Alerting, Glasgow Coma Scale, Blood Glucose Recording, Postural Hypotension Assessment and Alerting, Acuity/Dependency Recording, and Staffing/Skill Mix Evaluation, as well as Views for Clinicians, Critical Care, Infection Control, Site Management, Consultants and Managers, on any web enabled device.
They are looking to collaborate early adopters on key areas of reducing AKI, SEPSIS, C.diff, Deteriorating patient that are an issue for NHS trusts.

Tags: Early Warning Score · Patient Safety · Real-time

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