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Annual review 2019-20: our innovation journey

Welcome to our annual review for 2019-20.  We take a look back at of some of the achievements of the past year and how they form part of the innovation journey. We can’t do any of this alone, so we focus on building strong relationships and working with our regional health and care providers to match solutions to the needs they identify.

At the bottom of the page you’ll find links to a downloadable pdf version and an online magazine.

Reflecting on 2019/20

Foreword by Natasha Swinscoe, Chief Executive, West of England AHSN.

The West of England AHSN in numbers 

If you like facts and figures, you’ll love this infographic displaying some of the collective headline impacts of our work programmes.

The innovation journey 

We see innovation as a journey, sometimes illustrated as a spiral, showing ideas growing to have real impact. Here we outline how our work programme includes projects and activities across the whole innovation journey.


Invention is the discovery phase in the innovation journey. Read how some of our programmes such as Create Open Health, the Future of Care events and our Innovation Exchange portal support this stage of the innovation journey

Create Open Health


This phase is is all about experimenting, prototyping, testing and making a business case. Our Health Innovation Programme, Learning Disabilities Collaborative and Future Challenge programme are all examples of how to support innovation.


This phase is about delivering and implementing, then growing and scaling an idea or solution, which is exactly what our Evidence into Practice, ReSPECT and PreciSSIon programmes have been doing in the last year.

Care home resident and employee


The impact phase in the innovation journey happens when we start changing systems and helping innovations take root, such as through the Innovation Technology Payment programme, PReCePT and our work to ensure safer care of the detoriorating patient.

From the board

The ambitions, priorities and work programmes of the West of England AHSN are steered by our Board, comprising chief officer representation from our member organisations and industry partners.

Alan Bec: diversity in innovation

Diversity and inclusivity

Find out more about our pledges to support diversity and inclusivity in healthcare innovation and read stories from innovators from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

National adoption and spread programmes

All AHSNs worked together on seven programmes during 2018-20. Read more about them, and how they are making an impact in the West of England.

The AHSN Network national impacts

Have a look at some of the impacts the AHSN Network has delivered as all 15 AHSNs work together towards common goals.

Read the full report

Download our annual report as a PDF document.

Read our annual report online on Issuu.