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Annual review 2017-18

As one of the 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) established in 2013, our success has been built on our ability to foster learning and collaboration. We were designed from the outset to be dynamic and responsive. Academic evaluation shows we have been just that: spanning boundaries, building social capital, engaging and empowering clinicians and citizens to support and champion innovation.

In our annual review, we celebrate our collective achievements as an in the West of England, in collaboration with our member organisations (NHS providers, commissioners and universities) and in close partnership with industry, research bodies, the voluntary sector, patients and the public.

Plan on a page

Want a quick of overview of the areas of work we are undertaking, or planning to undertake in the next year? Then have a look at our plan on a page.

Plan on a Page

Business plan 2018-19

During our first five years, thanks to the engagement and work of our partners, we have had significant success in developing exemplar, award winning, patient safety projects, we have connected innovators to the healthcare system,  fostered quality improvement and crucially encouraged successful adoption and spread. As we move into the next licence period we want to build on our successes, develop new work and work with our partner AHSNs to spread and adopt successful programmes.

So, please click on the image above to download a copy or click here to read it in Isuu, and take a look at what we have planned. We hope you recognise some of the work outlined, and learn a little more about us as well.

We are also committed to sharing our work, and the work of our partners with as wide an audience as possible, so to accompany the business plan we have produced a glossary of the terms used in the plan, with a brief explanation and links to further information.

Board papers

All board papers from recent meetings are available to view and download here.




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