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Quality Improvement (QI) tools

Continuous improvement is a skill requirement for all staff working across healthcare. Below we have listed some of the most popular Quality Improvement (QI) tools to help you carry out and sustain changes that enhance patient safety and patient care in your area of work.

Follow the links for a description of each tool and more information about them, including some downloadable blank templates.

The ‘Five Whys’ analysis
A simple diagnosis approach to help understand the root cause of a problem

Process mapping 
How to develop a map of a current or even a proposed new process

Communication and stakeholder management
An approach to understanding who the important people you need to work with to ensure your improvement project is a success – and how you communicate with them

Driver diagram
A structured way to plan improvements from a clear aim to the ideas for improvements

Model for Improvement/PDSA
A systematic approach to testing ideas for making improvements

Measurement for Improvement
Tools that help the analysis of whether changes lead to improvements

Toolkits that help assess the impacts of the changes or improvements made

Spread and diffusion
Approaches that help others to learn from the improvements made

The Habits of an Improver
A model which shows the competencies and behaviours – or consistent habits of successful ‘Improvers’