Welcome to the West of England Academy’s facilitator’s guide to the innovation journey.

Our facilitator’s guide is essentially a pack of resources to help you facilitate improvement and innovation sessions with your teams.

In this short video, Kate Phillips, Senior Project Manager, talks through the resources available to you.

They include:

  • a slide deck for you to use with your team,
  • a session plan with a guide on timings, online platforms and the technical support needed to facilitate the activities virtually (or face to face), as well
  • a video talking you through each suggested innovation or improvement tool and how to facilitate its use with your teams.

We’re using our innovation spiral (pictured below) to take you on this journey. Read more about the innovation journey here. 

Let’s begin…


Credit: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust @scft_ourway

Step one: Opportunities and challenges: Understanding the challenge

Process mapping 

Process Mapping is a tool used to develop a ‘map’ of a process within a system. It will help you to map the whole patient journey or related processes with a range of people who represent the different roles involved.

You can find out more about process mapping here.

Now watch our video from Vardeep Deogan, QI Practitioner where she explains how to facilitate a process mapping session with your team:

To aid your facilitation of process mapping in a team meeting, download our:

Step two: Generating ideas: Creating change ideas


Greenhousing is a well known concept to support idea generation. The SUN and RAIN model, developed by the authors of Sticky Wisdom, is a helpful guide to conversations inside the ‘greenhouse’ to nurture and grow ideas. Greenhousing ideas will help you to explore ideas for testing and further development.

Click here to find out more about greenhousing.

Watch our video where Kate Phillips, Senior Project Manager, explains how to facilitate a SUN and RAIN session with your team:

To aid your facilitation of SUN and RAIN in a team meeting, download our:

We’ll be adding further steps in the innovation journey soon, so be sure to check back.

In the meantime, please explore the other resources, events and training our Academy has to offer:

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