The pandemic has been especially challenging for those working in health and social care. For those working at and supporting the front line, the challenges of managing ongoing COVID-19 cases, working in PPE as well as managing the backlog of clinical cases built up during the pandemic, remains stressful and difficult.

This series of short videos offer simple techniques to support personal wellbeing whilst encouraging self-reflection to help develop emotional resilience.

Personal Energy

Advice on recognising when your energy levels are low and tips on how to recharge your batteries.

Watch the Personal Energy video here or below.

Ikigai – Personal Resilience

A model exploring the tools we need to develop and maintain resilience.

Watch the Ikigai – Personal Resilience video here or below.

Positivity Jar

A simple tool that can be used to record and collect feelings of gratitude, successes or ideas for improvement.

Watch the Positivity Jar video here or below.


A reminder of the importance of self-care, self-awareness and self-compassion.

Watch the Superpowers video here or below.

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