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Winter Series: Quality Improvement Workshops

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Winter Series: Quality Improvement Workshops

Join thousands of healthcare staff and innovators from around the world who have benefited from using a QI approach. Gain a basic understanding and practical knowledge of applying Quality Improvement (QI) techniques to real-world challenges with this free series of five workshops.

Our new Winter Series of interactive online workshops commences on 27 January 2021. Modelled on our hugely successful QI Summer Series, this five-week course, held on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 13:00 pm can be joined as single sessions or as a series.

The workshops have been developed, and will be delivered, by the West of England Academy team alongside guest speakers. Topics include stakeholder mapping, creating infographics, evaluation and the basics for planning, implementing and measuring a change programme.

To reserve your space on one or more of the series, click here.

What the programme offers

During our five one-hour workshops, you will gain valuable insight into QI theory and effective tools you can put into immediate practice. You can join the whole series or choose the sessions that you’re most interested in (see below for individual session details).

The workshops will be interactive with activities to complete in Zoom breakout rooms or at home at your own pace.

The series will:

  • Give a basic overview of how quality and process improvement works;
  • Show how QI can lead to better outcomes for staff, organisations and patients;
  • Give attendees the confidence and practical skills to start using QI approaches in real world scenarios and
  • Show attendees how to access additional support through our West of England Academy.
Session 1: 27 January 

What is the challenge and why QI? An introduction to basic Quality Improvement methodology and how it can be used for healthcare projects. Gain hands on experience of using QI tools to understand challenges from every angle.

Session 2: 3 February 

Creating change ideas Gain practical experience in using Liberating Structures for fast idea generation.

Session 3: 10 February 

Planning a change programme Gain hands on experience in using QI tools to plan and set up a QI project. Understand the project management fundamentals needed for a change programme.

Session 4: 12 February 

Carrying out QI Understand the steps to follow for implementing and testing change ideas. Gain hands on experience of using the Plan Do Study Act cycle to make improvements.

Session 5: 24 February 

Making the data work Understand how data is used to drive QI projects. Learn various methods for analysing and presenting data.

Who is it for?

Basically anyone who works in healthcare or healthcare innovation; the series is designed for anyone with an interest in making improvements who have none or some understanding of QI. Attendees can be in any role and level within their organisation or business, for example from clinical, administration or facilities.

Attendees will be interested in applying learning to real-world scenarios either personal or professional.

Our academy works hard to welcome attendees from a broad range of backgrounds creating a safe and open environment for learning and sharing ideas.

How to book your space:

To reserve your space on one or more of the series, click here.

To find out more about all of events hosted by the West of England AHSN, click here.