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Resources to support invention

Invention is the discovery phase in the innovation journey to help identify problems, challenges and opportunities, and review data and research. If you’re working at this stage of the innovation journey you’ll be generating ideas or refreshing old ones, and selecting the best ideas for testing.

If you would like to explore practical examples of how we used invention within our projects, visit the invention section of our 19/20 Annual Review.

Resources to support invention

Development, Impact and You toolkitDevelopment, Impact and You toolkit
A toolkit created by Nesta on how to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better results. All tools are tried and tested. Go to the Development, Impact and You toolkit

Thinking Differently

Thinking differently Guide
A practical introductory guide to thinking differently from NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. Read the introduction to find out why thinking differently is more than just the next new buzzword. Go to the Thinking differently guide

The Innovation Exchange
Our Innovation Exchange provides the support you need at any stage of your innovation. Get access to all our business services in one place as well as local and national funding opportunities. Visit the Innovation Exchange

Design thinking Design thinking

A poster on Design thinking 101 from NN Group that shows the 6 stage process to support innovation development and information from idea on the design thinking process. Go to the design thinking poster. 

Communities of practice

Communities of practice may help with identifying areas for improvement. Read our resource summary about communities of practice, and handouts on the different community roles. Read Professor Becky Malby’s blog on facilitating communities of practice.

Liberating Structures

Join Kate Phillips, as she talks through how to use the Liberating Structure TRIZ, to facilitate idea generation at the start of your improvement project. She highlights the benefits of using Liberating Structures such as TRIZ to flatten hierarchies and give everyone in your team a platform for sharing ideas. Ideas generated by using TRIZ can be nurtured and developed using the SUN and RAIN model. The recording is taken from the West of England Academy AHSN Winter Series 2021, if you’re interested in attending similar training please visit our events page.

Visit the Liberating Structures website for more information. If you’re a member of the Q Community, why not join the Liberating Structures Special Interest Group.