The innovation journey goes from identifying opportunities for an innovation, coming up with ideas, prototyping and testing, right through to implementing your innovation in real-world settings and scaling to achieve system-wide impact.

We have compiled free resources to support each of the four phases of the innovation journey: invention, innovation, improvement and impact. This is not a linear journey – some projects may jump back and forth between phases. Follow the links below to find the resources for each phase.

This image of a spiral displays the innovation journey from invention to impact.


Resources to support each phase

InventionInitially you’ll be Identifying opportunities and challenges, reviewing evidence, generating ideas, refreshing old ones and selecting ideas for testing. View resources to support invention here


InnovationDeveloping your innovation, and experimenting, prototyping and testing to make a business case for your idea. View resources to support innovation here


ImprovementUsing quality improvement (QI) methods or tools to engage local stakeholders and implement your idea into current practice. If successful, this will lead to growing and scaling your idea for other sites. View resources to support improvement here

ImpactThe impact phase comes through changing systems. At this stage, you will be disseminating your innovation to support wider spread for system-wide benefit. View resources to support impact here


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