Here are some resources to support the four stages of innovation, from invention right through to impact.


Creative Problem Solving Toolkit
There can be creativity without innovation, but there can be no innovation without creativity. Our Creative Problem Solving Toolkit, which is accompanied by a selection of eight tools with explanatory videos and guidance notes, reflects the three steps of the creative problem solving process. View the Creative Problem Solving Toolkit.

QI Toolkit
Our QI toolkit provides a library of quality improvement resources from the West of England AHSN.

Development, Impact and You
A toolkit created by Nesta on how to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better results. Tools are divided into eight ‘I want’ sections for example; tools for people that want to generate new ideas, or to develop a clear plan. All tools are tried and tested. View the Development, Impact and You toolkit.

Experienced Based Design
Read an introductory guide from NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement to support the design of better experiences for patients, carers and staff. With supporting tools available online.

Improvement toolkit
From the North East and North Cumbria AHSN, read this toolkit which offers resources to improve quality of healthcare services and to review and improve team culture.


Adoption and spread of innovations and improvements guide
Our practical and accessible guide to support the adoption and spread of innovations and improvements within the health and social care sector. Read our adoption and spread guide.

A guide to making a QI poster
Our practical guide to making a QI poster for submission to conferences. Our guide includes top tips from a submissions judge, answers to your most common questions, templates and advice on imagery and infographics. Read our QI poster guide.

A facilitator’s guide to quality improvement
Our facilitator’s guide to QI includes a suggested step by step approach to a QI project, how-to slide decks that support delivery of QI activities with your teams and a workbook to structure a QI project. Tools covered by our guide include process mapping, driver diagrams and stakeholder mapping.

The spread and sustainability of healthcare improvement
A guide from NHS Scotland Quality Improvement Hub to increase understanding of the 10 key factors underpinning successful spread and sustainability of quality improvement. Read the guide on the spread and sustainability of healthcare improvement.

Thinking differently – NHS institute for innovation and improvement
Read a practical introductory guide into thinking differently from the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. Read the introduction to find out why thinking differently is more than just the next new buzzword.

Against the odds: Successfully scaling innovation in the NHS
A joint report from the Innovation Unit and the Health Foundation which calls for new approaches to scaling tried and tested health care innovations. It highlights the need to create the right conditions to spread these successfully across the NHS. Read the joint report Against the odds: Successfully scaling innovation in the NHS here. 

The spread challenge by the Health Foundation
Read more about how to support the successful uptake of innovations and improvements in health care.

The Evidence Repository

Our Evidence Repository provides a portal for NHS, Public Health, and university colleagues  to share grey literature not published anywhere else, including QI projects, evaluations, surveys and evidence summaries. Our repository reduces unnecessary duplication and improves sharing across our health system. Find out more and join the Evidence Repository here.


Tools for developing emotional resilience
Watch these four short videos to learn tips for developing emotional resilience.

Quality Improvement methodology
The West of England AHSN project, PreciSSion, uses Quality Improvement methodology to underpin it’s approach. Find out which Quality Improvement tools were used in this short video from PreciSSion’s clinical leads, Anne Pullyblank and Lesley Jordan.

Making Data Count – using Excel
Watch as Nathalie Delaney, Patient Safety Programme Manager, shares her top tips for Excel.

Adoption and spread in practice
Our short video discusses the key elements of an initiative (the ED Checklist) the West of England AHSN successfully spread with Dr Emma Redfern, from University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust. Watch our video.

Generating ideas using TRIZ
Watch our short video on the use the Liberating Structure tool: TRIZ. Triz can facilitate idea generation at the start of your improvement project; flatten hierarchies and give everyone in your team a platform for sharing ideas. Visit the Liberating Structures website for more information, or if you’re a member of the Q Community, why not join the Liberating Structures Special Interest Group.

Supporting behaviour change
Watch a TEDx Talk by Dr. Tali Sharot, a Neurologist from University College London, where she shares three ingredients to motivate behaviour change.

We have much more for you to explore – review our evidence and evaluation resources and get started on your innovation journey with our step-by-step support.

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