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Education Pathway

Welcome to the West of England Academy Education Pathway. This training is free for all staff in our member organisations and across the NHS.

The aim is to provide staff with knowledge, confidence and support to undertake and lead on improvement projects that will deliver benefits to patient safety and patient care.

Why train with the West of England Academy?

This training will enable you to learn theory and practical application of quality improvement (QI) science to the level you desire! Our Academy provides a unique opportunity to any member of staff from any of our member organisations across the West of England.

This includes:

  • Base level knowledge of QI science
  • A ‘QI Passport’ demonstrating your knowledge and skills, which is recognised across all member organisations
  • Support to deliver your own QI project
  • The opportunity to have your work published on BMJ Quality
  • The chance to network with like-minded people in your organisation, other healthcare providers and commissioners across the West of England
  • Being part of the Academy team driving improvement work across the West of England.

What if I have already had training in QI and want to start at Step Two or Three?

This training is completely flexible!

There are no expectations on staff to repeat training where knowledge and skills have already been acquired. Where you can evidence you have participated in the training required for Step One, this can be endorsed by your line manager in your QI Passport which will equate to completing the recommended training. See the Education Pathway Guidance document for more details.

Education Pathway

Education Pathway graphic

The Education Pathway is broken down into three steps:

  1. Understanding
  2. Delivering
  3. Leading.

There is no obligation to complete the full pathway; you can develop your knowledge and skills to the level desired for your role and your personal development aspirations.

You will be able to evidence your learning in your QI Passport. This passport will be recognised across all member organisations in the West of England. See a list of our members here.

Step One

Understanding: is an online training facility that signposts you to well-established, good quality, existing online training material. Step One will provide you with a base level knowledge and understanding of QI Science in order to help you to plan, support or lead, and deliver a QI project.

Complete the modules in the programme and provide the evidence in your QI Passport in order to progress to Step Two.

What if I have this knowledge already? See the Education Pathway Guidance.

Step Two

Step Two focuses on Delivering and will encourage and help members of staff to lead or support a QI project in their organisation.

The Academy offers the unique opportunity for staff to obtain a BMJ Quality Licence for free! The Licence provides:

  • Access to the BMJ online training material and case studies
  • Mentoring support to improvement project leads
  • The facility for improvement leads to publish their work – to support spread and adoption of innovation and great practice on the bespoke West of England Academy page on the BMJ Quality website.

Staff can obtain a licence by filling out the Step Two application form and submitting their QI Passport evidencing achievement of Step One.

If you have already started a project, do not require a mentor or do not wish to have your work published, you can submit your own project report to achieve Step Two in your QI Passport. See the Education Pathway Guidance.

QI Passport

The QI Passport is an electronic portfolio where you will evidence your achievements as you complete the steps of the Education Pathway. As you submit your evidence of achievement, this will be endorsed by the Academy. Once endorsed and returned to you, it will be printable for your personal record.

The QI Passport is recognised across all member organisations of the West of England AHSN. Download your QI Passport here.

Step One and Step Two pin badges will be presented to staff upon endorsement of their QI passport.


To support staff and organisations working to make improvements in health care quality, the Academy has drawn together a range of resources. Find out more here.

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