This page contains general PERIPrem implementation resources – they have been endorsed by the Neonatal Nurses Association (NNA). Bundle specific information can be found on the PERIPrem home page.

The implementation resources aim to increase confidence and skills in applying quality improvement techniques as units initially adopt PERIPrem and continue your journey.

1. Getting Started

The following resources are designed to give background and context about PERIPrem and Perinatal QI, it includes guidance on establishing a PERIPrem Team.

2. Preparing and Planning

Use these tools to set up PERIPrem within your team and units. They will aid baselining, building your team and identifying what bundle elements you are performing well in and those that need additional focus.

The following tools are designed to support the implementation of PERIPrem within your unit and beyond:

3. Implementation and Measurements

PERIPrem Clinical Passport
The clinical passport should be used by each perinatal team for every preterm baby. It is designed to serve as both a prompt as well as data capture tool.

PERIPrem Baby Passport
The baby passport should be given to the parent of every preterm baby. It is designed to help inform and fully involve parents in the care of their baby by outlining the PERIPrem bundle elements their baby should receive. The passport is available in multiple languages.

PERIPrem Maternal Early Breast Milk Patient Leaflet
This leaflet is to be given to the parent of every preterm baby. It is designed to help inform and fully involve parents in the care of their preterm baby by outlining, in detail, the benefits of Maternal Early Breast Milk as part of the PERIPrem Bundle. It is also available in multiple languages.

PERIPrem Optimisation Tool
Recognising that clinical teams will need access to unit level data immediately, the optimisation tool will enable teams to collate and share anonymised data from PERIPRem Passports. This will show how units are performing in real time.  The optimisation tool should be returned to your central point of data collection at the end of each month.

The optimisation tool also generates a printable infographic for each bundle element so teams assess progress on each bundle element as well as overall optimisation targets.

PERIPrem Debrief Tool
Reviewing progress and identifying further opportunities for improvement is central to designing a version of the PERIPrem Bundle that is right for the culture and processes of your unit. The debrief tool will support reviewing of patient cases to inform further improvements:

4. Embedding and Sustaining Improvements

Life Qi

We selected Life Qi to support the design and implementation of PERIPrem. We encourage all units to use Life Qi as a comprehensive platform to guide you through QI. It includes driver diagram templates for each of the bundle elements, including measures as well as the function to input PDSA information.

Download resources for all PERIPrem bundle elements

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