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PERIPrem Resources

The West of England Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and the South West AHSN are working in collaboration with Southwest Operational Delivery Network to improve the outcomes for premature babies across the region through a new neonatal care bundle: PERIPRem.

This section contains all of the current tools and documents that will support you as a clinical team on your PERIPrem journeys. All documents are also available on Life Qi (see final section on this page for more information). Bundle specific tools can be found under each Bundle Element (these are displayed on the PERIPrem home page).

Our aim is to support you to further develop your confidence and skills in applying quality improvement techniques to ensure that PERIPrem is embedded into your units and that the innovation you develop continues to shape the care that you deliver.

Getting Started

The following papers are designed to give you the background and context into PERIPrem and Perinatal QI as well as explain how we hope to work with you through QI coaching to achieve the goal of embedding perinatal working to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable pre term infants.

These next tools are to be used to set up PERIPrem within your team and units. They will aid baselining, building your team and identifying what bundle elements you are performing well in as well as those you want to put further work into.

PERIPrem Tools and Resources

The following tools are designed to support the implementation of PERIPrem within your unit and more widely.

Quality Improvement: Team Culture Video

A look at how team dynamics are important for perinatal teams, and vital to the implentation of PERIPrem

Using data for improvement

A fundamental of quality improvement is the collecting, reviewing and applying of data (both qualitative and quantitative) to both inform and direct change ideas. PERIPrem is a comprehensive bundle of ten elements, and we recognise that data collection may at first seem daunting. To demonstrate optimisation of the bundle as a whole as well as each element we have developed a process to enable data collection / reporting which includes:

PERIPrem Passport

This document is to be used by each perinatal team for every preterm born in the South West region, and is designed to serve both as a prompt on the PERIPRem Bundle as well as data capture tool. We encourage you to start using this within your teams immediately.

PERIPrem Optimisation Tool

 Recognising that you will need access to unit level data immediately, this is a very simple tool that will enable you to collate and share anonymised data from the PERIPRem Passports, in order to show how you are performing as a perinatal team in real time.  The Optimisation tool will need to be returned at the end of each month.

The Optimisation tool will also generate a printable infographic for each element that you can use to demonstrate the progress on each bundle element as well as your overall optimisation target.

PERIPrem Debrief Tool

 Reviewing progress as you go and identifying further opportunities for improvement ( making small scale changes through PDSA cycles) is central to designing a version of the PERIPrem Bundle that is right for the culture and processes of your unit. The following tool will support the reviewing of patient cases to inform further improvements.

Embedding and Sustaining Improvements

More information will be coming soon. 

Life QI

We have selected Life Qi to support the design and implementation of PERIPrem. We are encouraging all units to please use Life Qi as a comprehensive platform to guide you through QI. It includes driver diagram templates for each of the bundle elements, including measures as well as the function to input PDSA information.

Please contact to gain access to Life Qi and arrange bespoke training.


Download resources for all PERIPrem bundle elements

(Excluding dashboard and data resources on page above)

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PERIPrem resources form
PERIPrem resources form