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PERIPrem: News, events and useful materials

Resources relating individual bundle elements will are posted individual pages, whilst general clinical tool sand resources can be found on the resources page

Upcoming events:

June 23 –  Maternal and Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme: Patient Safety Network

June 30 – PERIPrem Magnesium Sulphate Webinar 2

July 14 – PERIPrem Prophylactic Hydrocortisone Webinar 2

Our latest downloadable resources:

Download PERIPrem online background here.

Download PERIPrem celebration template here.

Download PERIPrem certificate template here.

Video Resources

PERIPrem Explained:

This short animation tells the story of PERIPrem (Perinatal Excellence to Reduce Injury in Premature Birth), a perinatal care bundle to improve the outcomes for premature babies across the West and South West regions. Co-designed by people involved in the rollout of the project, this animation uses real-world examples to explain more about how PERIPrem works.

Staff Video

Clinicians involved in designing and implementing the PERIPrem bundle tell their stories of bringing the project to life, and share some of benefits they have observed.

Parent Video

Parents of premature babies giving their accounts of how their births were affected by the implementation of the PERIPrem care bundle


And here is a selection of webinars produced to support the implementation of PERIPrem