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In our own words: why RESTORE2 training makes such a difference

Since December 2019, more than 2,375 staff from 255 care providers in the community have taken part in our free RESTORE2 online training programme. We offer this to all care homes in the West of England, including those for people with learning disabilities, domiciliary care and supported living providers.

RESTORE2 is a tool that helps carers recognise signs of deterioration in health, measure physical observations and communicate their concerns to healthcare professionals.

Staff who have attended our training regularly get in touch with us to let us know how their use of RESTORE2 is making a huge difference to the care they are able to provide their residents, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some of their stories…

Ella Redler, Care Home Team Leader, Brandon Trust

“We also have a better relationship with our GP now we use RESTORE2. We can now speak a common language with the clinicians; we are now able to clearly communicate our observations and concerns when we ask for a GP home visit, and the GP better appreciates the complexity of needs of residents living in the home.”

Read Ella’s story.

Jacqui Croxford, Care Home Manager, Darbyshire Care

“I cannot say how much I would recommend investing in this training. Staff will feel upskilled, more competent and I truly believe our use of RESTORE2 saved lives. I absolutely, 100% believe in RESTORE2 for all staff, residential and nursing.”

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Becky Munroe and Jeanette Gibson, Milestones Trust

“Having the RESTORE2 tool has been a positive experience for the people who live at Bath Road and it’s enabling the team to spot and document signs of deterioration quickly and efficiently.”

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Mildred Mhlanga, Care Home Manager, Silva Care

“The training has enabled staff to check soft signs and seek appropriate medical attention before service users’ health declines. This can be extremely challenging when working with service users with a learning disability who may be unable to let you know how they are feeling.”

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Chris Turner, GP, Swindon Community Health Services

“As a GP I can clearly see how RESTORE2 would benefit patients through the earlier identification of deterioration and treatment commencing earlier. When I am triaging home visits, having a NEWS2 score and soft signs available allows me to ensure that a visit is prioritised within an appropriate timescale.”

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Soghra Bi, Swindon Intermediate Care Centre Liaison Nurse Assessor, Fessey House

“Carers reported feeling empowered and confident in recognising deteriorating patients and felt better equipped to communicate their concerns to healthcare professionals to ensure that their residents got timely medical care.”

Read Soghra’s story

What is RESTORE2 and why is training important for carers? Watch our short animation

These sessions are aimed at homes in the West of England region. If you are from outside of the area, please contact your local AHSN to access local training.