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Key safety messages for Care Homes

Recently, the British Geriatrics Society (BGS) released a paper, COVID-19: Managing the COVID-19 pandemic in care homes, offering 13 key recommendations to help all care home staff, and the NHS staff who work with you, to support residents through the pandemic.

This guidance recommends care home staff should be trained to spot the early warning signs of residents becoming unwell, where possible using the RESTORE2 tool or soft signs using RESTORE2 mini.

We have developed free online videos and virtual (video-based) training to support you, and can also provide coaching, advice and guidance around these tools. The guidance also recommends that care home staff work with residents’ GPs to review Advance Care Plans as a matter of urgency with residents.

Our online session will help you keep your residents safe and healthy and quickly spot causes of deterioration. Book here for training dates available in May and June. If you would like to arrange bespoke training for your home please email

Short training videos produced with Health Education England are all freely available in one YouTube playlist. The videos are around 3-4 minutes each and it will take just over 40 minutes to watch all of these.

Key COVID19 update

The National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) tool, included in the RESTORE2 tool, can help you recognise when someone’s health is deteriorating.

Using the NEWS2 tool involves taking someone’s temperature, breathing rate, heart rate, oxygen levels and other physical measures.

Read more about the Royal College of Physicians recommendation to use NEWS2 when managing patients with COVID-19, here.