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AliveCor Kardia resources

Welcome to the West of England AHSN resources page for the AliveCor Kardia device.

NHS England have funded the purchase of mobile ECG technology AliveCor Kardia, the distribution of which is being managed through the AHSN Network. These devices support the drive to identify greater numbers of people living with atrial fibrillation (AF), so they can receive the appropriate medication to reduce the likelihood of an AF related stroke.

The AliveCor Kardia device takes a 30 second ECG reading which, in most cases, immediately indicates if a person suffers with AF. There is a short video below that shows how the device works.

The device works alongside a smart phone or tablet (not available under this initiative). The Kardia BASIC app is downloaded to capture the heart rhythm reading. Where AF is detected, the reading can be emailed internally to a GP for diagnosis and treatment. Below you will find further resources to support you in using the device in your practice.

Resources for use

Further information

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