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Adopting innovation

We live in an exciting era of healthcare innovation, with a stream of new technologies and services coming onto the market. As part of the AHSN Network, we are helping to spread proven innovations into the healthcare system.

While an important aspect of our work is to support the NHS to identify the right solutions to invest in, and companies to partner with, our role is not limited to matchmaking.

We actively nurture an innovation ecosystem around health and care, removing obstacles and bringing diverse groups together to conceive and maximise new ways of working. We help our member organisations to develop cultures, leadership and pathways, to better articulate their needs and priorities, and be ready to accept and work with new innovations.

Our strength lies in our ability to operate locally because of the trust our member organisations have in us. We understand the needs of our health systems and are well placed to broker innovative solutions, while collaborating with AHSNs across England to understand what is working in other parts of the country and help to spread it in the West of England.

Healthcare innovations for adoption and spread


The Healthcare innovations for adoption and spread brochure highlights which innovations are available via the Innovation Technology Payment (ITP) Scheme, the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) and the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA).

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We are currently working with health and care organisations in the region to adopt a number of national innovations and programmes. Find out more about these via the links below.


ESCAPE pain class


ESCAPE-pain is a group rehabilitation programme for people with knee and/or hip osteoarthritis, providing self-management support in the community.

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Medicines organiser

Medicines optimisation

The medicines optimisation programme aims to help patients get the maximum benefit from their medicines and reduce waste.

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