Transformation is high on the agenda for health and care communities. There are significant demands on organisations to work together to better integrate services and streamline pathways for safer, more patient-centred care, while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

The role of the West of England AHSN, and the AHSN Network which makes up the 15 AHSNs in England, is to aid and support our healthcare systems and member organisations through this journey as both a champion and critical friend.

National programmes

We are delivering a number of programmes selected for national adoption and spread by the AHSN Network:

Improving patient safety

An important focus of much of our transformation work is in improving patient safety. The majority of this work is commissioned by NHS Improvement although we also undertake local projects to improve patient safety.

Local priorities

Across the West of England, we have a number of local projects which aim to address priorities highlighted by our members and health care systems. These include:

Driving innovation and improvement

Embedded in the regional health and care economy with links to industry, research bodies and universities, we are in a unique position to:

Responding to COVID-19

Much of our work in the two years from March 2020 was focused on supporting our healthcare system’s response to COVID-19, and plan ahead for a post-COVID-19 landscape. Read more about our work related to COVID-19.

National programmes 2018-2020

The AHSN Network’s national programmes in 2018-2020 were:

Please contact us to find out more information.

Keeping people safe during and after COVID-19

Take a look at our training events and resources for care home and NHS colleagues during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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Child with a doctor

Improving patient safety

Our award-winning support for improving patient safety is central to our work in transforming health services and systems.

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Primary Care

At the West of England AHSN we are working on a wide range of initiatives to support primary care.

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Mental Health

At the West of England AHSN we are working on a wide range of initiatives related to mental health diagnoses and treatment.

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Focus ADHD

We're working as part of the AHSN Network to speed up the diagnosis of ADHD through use of the QbTest.

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Early Intervention Eating Disorders Programme

As part of the AHSN Network, we are supporting speeding up the diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders in those aged 16 to 25.

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Healthcare Innovation

Proactive Care Frameworks for long term conditions

Find out more about our work, and download implementation resources, to support people with long term conditions through use of UCLPartner's Proactive Care Frameworks.

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Find out more about our work, and download implementation resources, to reduce the incidence of surgical site infection after elective colorectal surgery.

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Find out more about PERIPrem (Perinatal Excellence to Reduce Injury in Premature Birth), and download resources, to improve the outcomes for premature babies.

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Emergency Department

SHarED: Supporting high impact users to Emergency Departments

This project aims to improve outcomes for the most frequent users of Emergency Departments.

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Medicines organiser

Medicines optimisation

The medicines optimisation programme aims to help patients get the maximum benefit from their medicines and reduce waste.

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The Q Community

Q is a connected community working together to improve health and care quality across the UK.

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