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The Future of Care

The Future of Care events explore the new frontiers of science and innovation set to transform health and care in the future. At these events, we bring together experts from across the world to discuss implications for the NHS and our local healthcare systems. The events examine the latest breakthroughs in technology and ground-breaking medical research.

Genomic science: now and future

In December 2019 our first Future of Care event addressed ‘genomic science: now and future’.

Genomic medicine has the potential to improve the quality of care by targeting treatment, maximising its benefits, and reducing side effects. The science of genomics is opening up better diagnoses for patients, better and safer treatments, opportunities for screening and further possibilities for prevention.

Take a look at our report and video capturing the cutting-edge thinking and discussions on how genomics will influence the future of care. 

How could robotics and autonomous systems change frontline health and social care?

In January 2020 the second Future of Care explord ‘robotics and autonomous systems’.

Robotic technologies and autonomous systems provide very real opportunities to change the way we deliver frontline services across all aspects of health and social care. This could be through physical assistive robotics technology supporting rehabilitation, independent living or improve patient ability and comfort, or social robots enabling social interaction for people who are living alone.

But can robotics really fulfil all these needs? What are the challenges of implementation? And how will robotics impact the way staff work and the type of workforce we need?

Read our report summarising the expert insights and discussions on how robotics will influence the future of care.