The Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) Partnership is a new programme being initiated by the AHSN in 2021. It aims to support and facilitate new collaborations between our members in the health and care system and Voluntary Sector Organisations to improve health and wellbeing outcomes in the West of England.


Over the course of the summer, we held two engagement events, and a number of meetings, that were attended by local health and social care providers, commissioners and VCFSE infrastructure organisations. The purpose of these was to help identify unmet needs in our region’s health and social care systems and understand any barriers for collaboration. (Post event resources can be found below).

This initial programme phase uncovered a need by some VCFSE organisations for support in being able to better understand and navigate the care and health landscape.

As experts in this space, and in response to this need, we are pleased to be able to confirm the development of a VCFSE sector-specific series of insight events, to nurture and support organisations within this space.

VCFSE insight events

The full prospectus for the proposed series of VCFSE insight events is now in development, in partnership with Gloucestershire VCS Alliance.

We hope to have this training offer live by Spring 2022.

It is anticipated that some of the training and mentorship modules will also be valuable for commissioners.

Programme outline

Alongside this, we will continue to liaise with the Integrated Care Systems in the West of England to identify future unmet needs and opportunities for VCFSE collaborations. Tailored support packages will be co-planned and created as required; drawing on our experience in supporting innovators and the adoption and spread of good ideas. It is likely that any packages of support will also include input and guidance from knowledge partners that specialise in supporting the VCFSE sector.

If you’d like to find out more about our programme or sign-up to our distribution list to receive programme updates, contact Urszula Kapoulas, Senior Project Manager at

General resources

View the NHS Reset briefing: How health and care systems can work better with VCSE partners

NHS England guidance: VCSE in Integrated Care Systems: NHS England » Integrated Care Systems: Guidance

The King’s Fund: Michael West on compassionate and inclusive leadership:


Past engagement events

Engagement event for VCFSE organisations – 8 July 2021.

Post event information for attendees available here.


Engagement event for health and care providers – 14 July 2021.

Post event information for attendees available here.


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