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hyvr – collaborative innovations for health and wellbeing

hyvr is an online social media platform for healthcare users and healthcare innovators to meet, discuss, collaborate and co-design new healthcare ideas, products and services.

When you register on hyvr, you can join discussion groups – or hives – or create one if you can’t find what you are looking for. Perhaps you have an interest in ‘Diabetes’ or ‘Avoiding Hospital Admissions’ for example. Read, join or start a discussion in your chosen hive or hives. To go to site and get started click below:

Once registered you can join as many hives as you like.  Within those hives you can share an idea to find out what other hive members think of it, or share your lived experience and health needs. A hive can be public and searchable, or private and accessible by invite only.

The site enables innovators to get feedback of products that can help to shape their development from concept to market-ready products.They can ask other users if they ‘like’ it and then review responses and see if the idea is worth further refinement and consultation.

Users will be able to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on posts too. There are many different ways to get and give feedback. giving users the chance shape products that can meet their needs, or to connect with others with a shared interest.

If you want to delve in further, you can also chat one-to-one with other members.

hyvr enables easy dialogue for any group to share ideas and experiences – all contributing to innovation in healthcare through co-design and crowd-intelligence.

The site is entirely free to use and also free of adverts and free of any data-sharing small print, giving users peace of mind.

What is hyvr? A short animation

The story behind hyvr – Design Together, Live Better

In 2015 West of England AHSN launched ‘Design Together, Live Better’ in partnership with Designability. This initiative brought together members of the public living with a disability and long-term health conditions with the expertise of product designers in a workshop setting.

The aim was to create innovative products to aid daily living for the challenging health conditions. Ideas evolved from discussions, which were refined through further conversation. Three ideas were selected. Designability worked closely with potential users to develop prototypes for testing for these three ideas, with a view to creating appealing, needed, sellable products.

The success of this project led to the concept of hyvr – an online platform designed to replicate the concept of co-design and crowd-intelligence at scale. The site has been in partnership with Cyber Media Solutions Ltd.

Funding call for voluntary, community and social enterprise sector involvement

In January and February 2019, we ran a call for the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to submit proposals for funding between £500 and £10,000. The support package is intended to strengthen links with public contributors and encourage innovation in using hyvr.


Toolkits and resources

We have co-created a number of toolkits and resources with our partners, member organisations and fellow AHSNs.

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