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Learning Disabilities Collaborative – working with primary care

Learning Disabilities Collaborative – increasing uptake of flu vaccines and annual health checks

The West of England Learning Disabilities Collaborative (LDC) was established in early 2019 to address the disparity in age of death for people with learning disabilities and the general population. Many of these deaths continue to be from avoidable causes, such as pneumonia and sepsis. Working closely with primary care, the LDC focuses on three key priority areas:

  1. Using the National Early Warning Score 2 (NEWS2) and soft-signs tools to support early identification of physical deterioration.
  2. Increasing uptake of, and standardising the quality of, annual health checks.
  3. Increasing uptake of the annual flu vaccination, including promoting the nasal vaccine as a reasonable adjustment for people with a severe needle phobia.

Read more about the West of England Learning Disabilities Collaborative here. 

Learning Disabilities during COVID-19

If you work in a care home or organisation for people with Learning Disabilities and would like some further information on how we can support you or available resources and training please view our page here.

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Child with a doctor

Improving patient safety

Our award-winning support for improving patient safety is central to our work in transforming health services and systems.

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Managing Deterioration Safety Improvement Programme

Spotting and acting on the signs of deterioration in a patient or care home resident is vital to ensuring patient safety. Our Managing Deterioration Safety Improvement Programme helps health and social care staff spot the signs of, and manage, deterioration.

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