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The Life QI System

The Life QI System has been built to support team working and collaboration whilst maintaining the principle of an open and transparent culture.

The Life QI System is a web based platform designed to assist front line staff running Quality and Safety improvement projects and has been developed as part of the Patient Safety Collaborative in partnership with SeeData and South West AHSN. It is not designed to collect detailed information on users, organisations or patients, and is not a performance management tool; instead the information collected is only to be used to support improvement.

The Life QI System is free to access for members of the West of England AHSN and you can sign up here:

  1. Add your email address and request an invite. You will then receive an email. Please follow the link provided and you will be taken to an online form. Please complete this form. Where possible please sign-up with an email address from an NHS domain to avoid delays in verification.
  2. A West of England AHSN administrator will verify your account and you will then receive a confirmation email from your local administrator.

Logging in to Life QI

  1. Visit and log in with your username and password.
  2. You will be taken to your home screen.

Help and support can be found at the Life QI Learning Centre.

Download a training presentation to introduce Life QI to your team.

East London NHS Foundation Trust has produced a range of training videos to support you with Life.


Further support is available from the West of England AHSN Patient Safety team. Please contact Kevin or Nathalie for support.

In order to help us resolve issues please let us know:

  • The name of project and/ or project ID
  • What the problem is and how it was encountered
  • Any relevant screenshots of the issue