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Culture and Leadership

The Patient Safety Collaboratives are working together to help teams in the West of England nurture and develop a culture of safety. There is lots of evidence that culture impacts on behaviour and relationships in healthcare teams and affects the ability of organisations to consistently deliver safe, reliable and effective care.

There are many national initiatives to develop a culture of safety, including:

Sign up to Safety is a national patient safety campaign with the mission to strengthen patient safety in the NHS and make it the safest healthcare system in the world.

Suzette Woodward’s blog including a guest blog from Matt Hill on the safety culture work in the South West AHSN using the SCORE survey.

Learning from Excellence is an approach to learning from what goes well in healthcare.

NHS Improvement’s programme to create a culture of compassionate and inclusive leadership.

Civility Saves Lives is a call to raise awareness of the negative impacts of incivility in healthcare.

More locally, safety culture is a strand running through all our programmes, but there is a particular focus in our primary care and maternity and neonatal collaboratives, both of which are undertaking culture surveys in teams taking part in the collaborative.

If you would like to know more about how we can support safety culture work in your team or organisation, please do contact a member of the team.