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GP Clinical Evidence Fellows

Cohort 3 GP Clinical Evidence Fellows

As well as offering tools and resources, organisations need to grow their capacity and capability to work in a truly evidence informed way.

Jointly with Health Education South West, we developed a Fellowship programme to train GPs in how to access and use evidence and then work with each of our clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to support the growth of an evidence culture.

The programme has been an ambitious and innovative attempt to highlight the importance of evidence and evaluation in clinical commissioning and support its integration into routine activity.

Over the last three years, each CCG has had one or two GP sessions per week of Fellowship time. The Fellows have helped to change culture by being evidence champions and shown their value by applying their clinical knowledge to evidence reviews.

For a relatively small amount of time and money a huge amount has been achieved professionally and personally and in CCG benefit.” CCG Service Improvement Lead

Three of the Fellows have linked up with the National Institute for Health Research Dissemination Centre (NIHR-DC) to help promote NIHR Signals which are summaries of the latest research from the NIHR and other health research organisations. Visit the NIHR website to find out which Signals most interested our Fellows and why they feel the findings are worth sharing. Their comments give some insight into what they experience in General Practice and how findings from research can help treatment and planning decisions.

In June 2017 our third cohort of GP Clinical Evidence Fellows shared their achievements with a room full of evidence enthusiasts at the Holiday Inn – Filton, Bristol. The event was organised to showcase their hard work and the difference they have made by bringing their clinical knowledge, enthusiasm and keen eye for evidence into their CCGs.

Each Fellow gave a short presentation giving an overview of the projects they have been working on, the impact these have had and lessons learned. You can watch their presentations here and read more about their work below.

Read the supporting booklet

Programme evaluation

The programme was evaluated in March 2016 during year two and a further evaluation was completed in June 2017 in year three. The evaluation reports can be found here:


For more information, contact Jo Bangoura, Senior Project Manager

The GP Clinical Evidence Fellowship programme was created by Peter Brindle, Medical Director (Clinical Effectiveness) at Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCGs and Martyn Hewett, Associate Post Graduate Dean, Severn Region, Health Education England in 2014.


Pictured in the photograph are:

  • Back row (L-R) Dr Phil Simons, Dr Ed Mann, Dr Francis Campbell, Dr Nick Snelling
  • Front row (L-r) Dr Catherine Bennett, Dr Vanessa Dane, Dr Caroline Ward, Dr Farida Ahmad, Dr Bisola Ezboi



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