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Collaborate to innovate – Bringing People, Industry and Healthcare into the mix

Lars Sundstrom, Director of Enterprise at West of England AHSN

It seems clear to me that we are entering into a new era where health service providers and businesses will need to develop new ways of working together and the words collaboration, innovation and co-creation will become absolutely central to our new vocabulary. It is also clear that patients will not only need to be…

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Why AHSNs provide a remedy for the challenges of the NHS

Deborah Evans, Managing Director of the West of England AHSN

In the NHS Confederation survey of 2015, both NHS leaders and politicians identify the need for change in the NHS. There are areas of disagreement, but one thing that stands out from the survey is the number one answer as to what the solutions might be: “Greater commitment to working collaboratively across organisations”. This is where…

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