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H is for… Human Factors – a step-by-step guide

Based on the success of our Human Factors training programme, designed for support staff in community organisations, our Patient Safety team has developed a handy five-step guide to implement Human Factors training within your own organisation.

Communication and team working are recognised to have significant impact on the quality of safe services for patients. Following the Cavendish Review, the Care Certificate specified standards for support workers (Bands 1 – 4) working in all NHS and social care settings. Although an appreciation of the principles of Human Factors has been implemented in acute care services in recent years, it has been found that training packages and resources are less applicable to the community health and social care context.

Health Education South West unded the West of England AHSN to develop an intervention using the SBAR tool (situation, background, assessment, recommendation) to support Human Factors training in patient safety focussing on support works in community settings.

The curriculum for this training was developed by Sirona Care & Health and North Bristol NHS Trust. It is based on how teams communicate and uses communication tools such as SBAR to develop a baseline awareness, which is built upon and embedded during the training using different scenarios. These scenarios were co-designed by the programme lead and service user representative to reflect realistic scenarios that staff might encounter.

The five-step guide

Our guide covers setting up your team, agreeing your aims, agreeing your measures, agreeing your actions, and how to evaluate and embed. Take a look here.

You can also download our Human Factors toolkit as a PDF, plus there’s a whole host of brilliant training videos for you to use in your presentations, such as this one…