West of England Expo (annual conference)

Date: 14/11/2018 | Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: Bristol
Organised by: West of England AHSN
Tel: 0117 900 2543
Email: events@weahsn.net

Event summary

The Innovation agenda is the current “hot topic” to enable and support transformation and change.  This year’s Annual Conference Expo will enable you to explore what “innovation” really means. By talking to the digital and med-tech exhibitors you may find solutions to those tough questions you are trying to solve.

You will also hear from key thought leaders who will challenge your approach and thinking about how you could include new approaches, ideas and innovation in your transformation agendas.

This conference is here to support you to get on with the task of implementing change – big and small, that will save time, money and ultimately lives.

Introducing our Key note speakers

Andrew Bastawrous, Co-Founder and CEO, Peek Vision

Andrew Bastawrous studies eye health — and builds accessible new tools to bring eye health to more people. He is a 2014 TED Fellow.  Andrew is a UK-based ophthalmologist who co-founded Peek Vision, a social enterprise which creates sustainable, smartphone-based technology to deliver better vision and health to everyone. Peek was built to deliver eye care in some of the world’s most challenging places, to those who need it most. Andrew is an Associate Professor research fellow at the International Centre for Eye Health at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Andrew has worked in Sierra Leone, Peru, Belize, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Uganda and was based in Kenya when Peek was first conceived. In 2011, he was awarded a Medical Research Council (MRC) and Fight for Sight Fellowship to undertake the first longitudinal population-based study (follow-up study) of eye disease in Africa and the challenges he faced inspired the idea of a smartphone-based ophthalmic tool. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles focusing on international eye health and mobile technology in healthcare and has co-authored four book chapters. Andrew was awarded the MRC Max Perutz Science writing Award in 2012 and is a TED Fellow.

David Constantine MBE, Founder Director, Motivation

In 1989 David Constantine MBE and friend – entered a competition to design a wheelchair suitable for use in developing countries.  Robust enough to cope with rough terrain and made from local and affordable materials, their prototype won.  The pair used their prize money to travel to Bangladesh where, along with their friend Richard Frost, they built their wheelchair for a disability organisation in Dhaka. Seeing how an appropriate wheelchair could transform lives so quickly, they needed little convincing when they were asked to help increase production.

David and ‘Motivation’, can be regarded as trend setting for a number of reasons. They emphasise the importance of sustainable manufacturing, in the production of their affordable wheelchairs, in developing countries. They were the first to work closely with the World Health Organisation, designing and manufacturing personalised wheelchairs, in areas of the world with few resources. Their first sports wheelchair (‘Flying Start’), was an affordable competition wheel chair and it was used in the London Paralympic Games of 2012. It allowed disabled people from the developing world, to aspire to become athletes, competing on an equal footing, with those athletes from more affluent countries. Their wheelchairs, showed that it was possible to manufacture a quality product, from sustainable materials, with a local workforce and with a low carbon footprint.

Judith Hall OBE, Professor of Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine, Cardiff University

Judith Hall OBE is a Professor of Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine at Cardiff University. Judith also lead the Phoenix Project, a University partnership with the University of Namibia that seeks to tackle poverty and promote health.

She has extensive research interests, including anaesthesia for the developing world, translational sepsis research, mechanisms of anaesthetic sedation/analgesia and postoperative blood loss.

Judith is a former Welsh Woman of the Year, and have won numerous awards, including an OBE in the 2013 New Year Honours for founding the Critical Care Alliance, services to academic anaesthesia, founding the Mothers of Africa charity, and services to Africa.

She is an experienced broadcaster and regular guest on Namibian television and radio through my work with the Phoenix Project. Judith also commentates on medical matters and African affairs in the UK media.

Come and look at the world from a different angle!

This is an event not to be missed. Registrations will open shortly for delegates and exhibitors -so please save Wednesday 14 November in your diaries!

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