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B is for…

B is for… Blogs

Here at the West of England AHSN the team is rather partial to a bit of blogging. Whether we’re sharing ideas and inspiration on driving innovation and improvement in the health service, or exploring our experiences in brokering partnerships between private and public sectors, our brilliant band of bloggers cover all bases.

In recent months, our enterprise director Lars Sundstrom has been busy blogging about the delights contained in the Industrial Strategy green paper, how he’s celebrating finally getting to grips with ‘NHS speak’, and even wondering whether Donald Trump might be the man to save our health service.

Peter Brindle thinks it’s high time that the NHS takes its place as the most evidence-informed health system in the world, Hein Le Roux warns us not to let the carers of today become the patients of tomorrow, and Jo Jerrome explains why she’s proud to be a public contributor with the Don’t Wait to Anticoagulate project.

Our chair Steve West has been asking how AHSNs can help NHS colleagues come together to create solutions that are innovative, sustainable and affordable, and champions work to support use of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) as a great example of this. Ellie Wetz from the Patient Safety team has also been blogging about NEWS; Ellie reflects on how this work has enabled us to breakdown geographical and sectoral boundaries within heath communities with the common goal of delivering safer standards of care to every patient.

Hildegard Dumper, our patient and public involvement manager, has been enjoying thinking outside the STP box and considering how NHS England ensures the public and patient voice is at the heart of the 100,000 Genomes Project.

Cycling has been a recurring theme in the blog posts of managing director Deborah Evans. Firstly she compares winning an award for system leadership to taking her cycling proficiency. She then reflects on the beauty of a new cycling innovation to draw comparisons with how we work here at the West of England AHSN.

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