Donald Trump to save the NHS!

In his latest blog post, our Enterprise Director Lars Sundstrom reflects on leadership in times of change.

So have I finally gone insane or is there is any substance to this statement? Of course not. But then again, not much of what Trump has promised will materialise: he just said it to win votes, and you can quote me on that.

Being an American, I am saddened by the lack of ability of many of my fellow citizens to distinguish reality from a reality show. But I guess, as that great voice of the nation Homer Simpson said: “I don’t believe in facts. You can make them say anything.”

Now that I have your attention though, I’d like to keep you here to talk about the importance of leadership in times of change.

Last Thursday, David Constantine received his honorary doctorate from the University of Bath and gave the 48th Annual Designability Lecture. What an extraordinary life he has made for himself and so many others despite being wheelchair bound, having broken his neck in an accident at the age of 21. Not only has he over the years been at the forefront of designing mobility equipment for those with disabilities but has managed to travel the developing world and set up local wheelchair factories that continue to make lives better for hundreds of thousands every year who have more to complain about than we do.  And just to cap it off helped set up the charity Motivation to implement new financial sustainability models that employ locals to do it.

You are a truly inspirational leader, Dr Constantine, even though you apparently don’t seem to accept it was anything special.

And then to other inspirational leaders. On Friday night, our MD Deborah Evans received the NHS South West Leadership award for Leading System Transformation; another well deserved accolade to someone who doesn’t think they deserve it. All I can say is that Deborah is one of the most inspirational leaders I have ever met and have had the pleasure of working with.

It’s a beautiful autumn day as I write this blog post, but we are now bracing ourselves for what will probably be a harsh winter in more ways than one: pressure on healthcare to deliver more for less resource has probably never been greater.

Even the most hard-nosed Brexiteer accepts that the economy will initially suffer as we exit the EU and public finances will be tightly squeezed. It’s hard to feel optimistic at times, when some use deception to triumph over reality and make things worse for those of us left to cope with the real world. However, I really believe it’s in hard times that true leaders and true innovation arises.

We will of course cope. The US and the UK have given mankind many of the greatest inventions and lead the world in innovation. In fact, many of the great American reforms and indeed the NHS itself were born out of severe austerity. So this is the time for great leaders to emerge and take the stage. Next week I am teaching a leadership course for university academics and I will be telling them to expect and embrace change. Don’t suffer it. Lead it!

So Trump is not the kind of leader we need right now, and he won’t care much about equality or healthcare. He won’t save the NHS, but I do remember a certain Mr Farage a little while ago…

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Lars Sundstrom, Director of Enterprise, West of England AHSN

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