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How can we ensure our systems talk to each other?

We are working on projects to create a more joined up health service so that our doctors and clinicians can draw on patient details at a touch of a button, at the same time maximising their productivity.

We are a key partner in the Connecting Data for Patient Benefit programme which is being rolled out across the West of England region and provides a new way of sharing information about patient treatment and care.

A number of our healthcare providers have come on board with the programme and are now sharing information for patient benefit. If you would like to learn more about this initiative and how you can become involved, please call Nina Cross on 07880 664 6641 or email:



please respond if you are in primary care and help us ensure that we have appropriate genomics education resources for you…

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View the #AHSNs impact from 2013 onwards.

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•6m patients benefited & £300m investment leveraged to support healthcare & industry. Learn more about #AHSNs impact https:/…

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Join @NHSImprovement's webinar Mon 9:30 with @emmaredfern5 for tips on using the #EDChecklist #AHSNs #wintersafety

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