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GP Clinical Evidence Fellows

gp clinical evidence fellows

As well as offering tools and resources, organisations need to grow their capacity and capability to work in a truly evidence informed way.

Jointly with Health Education South West, we have developed a Fellowship programme to train GPs in how to access and use evidence and then work with each of our clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to support the growth of an evidence culture.

The programme represents an ambitious and innovative attempt to highlight the importance of evidence and evaluation in clinical commissioning and support its integration into routine activity.

Each CCG has one day per week (two GP sessions) of time funded by the West of England AHSN and Health Education England.  These Fellows all share a common drive for professional development, a personal interest in applying evidence in practice, are keen to make a difference and are curious to find out how health commissioning really works.

The fellowship is now in its second year, with a third cohort of recruits starting in October 2016.  They work from the CCG offices, and have commented on the significant difference in organisational culture from their GP practice: the open plan office, the ever-changing seating plan of ‘hot-desking’, commissioners tied up in meetings.  It seems that the CCGs also are on a learning curve, of how to best use this precious clinical resource, particularly as searching for and reviewing evidence is not always a routine step in the process of service development.

Programme evaluation

This new report summarises findings from the recent evaluation of  the programme, which sets out to define the value of the GP clinical evidence fellow role and areas for improvement for all stakeholders. The report features a set of recommendations that focus on optimising the productivity of the existing fellows and a number of suggestions to influence any future cohorts.

The GP Clinical Evidence Fellowship programme is run by Peter Brindle, Leader for Commissioning Evidence-Informed Care at the West of England AHSN, and Martyn Hewett, Associate Post Graduate Dean, Severn Region, Health Education England.


For more information, contact Jo Bangoura, Evaluation & Commissioning Liaison Manager on



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