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Medicines Safety Collaborative

We are working together (with patients and with health service organisations in the West of England) to deliver safer and better outcomes from medicines, particular patients receiving insulin or at transfer of care.

At our first collaborative event on 4 November 2015 member organisations identified three priority areas:

  • to improve medicines safety at transfer of care through PharmOutcomes system
  • to share lessons learned from insulin safety incidents and root cause analysis investigations across the collaborative in order to reduce the risk of similar events occurring in other organisations
  • to develop and test a patient’s own drugs scheme for patients using insulin.

The collaborative is building on the experience of the former Safer Care South West Collaborative, involving multi-disciplinary groups work with representatives across organisations.

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How do I get involved?

If you would like to get involved in our Medicines Collaborative then please contact Nathalie Delaney at

To keep up-to-date on the work of the Patient Safety Collaborative and the West of England AHSN as a whole, sign up to our monthly newsletter.

Learning and sharing

The Medicines Safety Collaborative is using the Life system for sharing learning and resources.

The Life System is a web based platform designed to assist front line staff running Quality and Safety improvement projects and has been developed as part of the Patient Safety Collaborative in partnership with SeeData and South West Academic Health Science Network.  The Life System has been built to support team working and collaboration whilst maintaining the principle of an open and transparent culture.  It is not designed to collect detailed information on users, organisations or patients, and is not a performance management tool; instead the information collected is only to be used to support improvement.

The Life System is free to access for members of the West of England Academic Health Science Network and you can sign up here:

Previous events

4 November 2015 launch event

Useful resources