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Community Forum

Community providers provide a range of services for adults and children either in the community or in the home. These range from urgent rapid response services to support for people returning home after hospital stays, services for people living with long-term conditions, and for people at end of life.

Community providers also provide services for prisons and specialist services for asylum seekers, refugees and people whose first language is not English.

Community providers asked the West of England AHSN to host community forum meetings for representatives to share organisational learning and challenges in order to improve patient safety. Topics chosen by the forum include:

  • supporting patient wellbeing
  • the recognition and escalation of the deteriorating patient through staff training linked to our Safer Care through Early Warning Scores project
  • improving patient safety through incident reporting and feedback mechanisms whilst providing skills and resources to implement change
  • and creating an inclusive and shared culture, putting people first across all organisations in the whole community, building the habit of collaboration.

The Life System

The Life System is a web-based platform designed to assist frontline staff running quality and safety improvement projects and has been developed as part of the Patient Safety Collaborative in partnership with SeeData and South West Academic Health Science Network.

The Life System has been built to support team working and collaboration, while maintaining the principle of an open and transparent culture.  It is not designed to collect detailed information on users, organisations or patients, and is not a performance management tool. Instead the information collected is only to be used to support improvement.

The Life System is free to access for members of the West of England AHSN. Sign up at to access our online discussion forum.

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