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Collaborating in the community

Working together across the West of England, we are supporting a culture of safety and collaboration to reduce variation in practice.

Primary Care Collaborative

The West of England AHSN is supporting a Primary Care Collaborative in association with our member Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Find out more.

Medicines Safety Collaborative

We are working together to deliver safer and better outcomes from medicines, particular patients receiving insulin or at transfer of care. Find out more.

Human Factors

Our Human Factors programme is developing the non-technical skills of support staff to enhance safer ways of working – these include teamwork, communication, leadership and an awareness of human factors when designing systems and processes. Find out more.

Community Forum

We host community forum meetings for community health service providers in the West of England to share organisational learning and challenges in order to improve patient safety. Find out more.

Mental Health Collaborative

This section is under construction. In the meantime, if you have any questions about our Mental Health Collaborative please email Kevin Hunter, Patient Safety Programme Manager, at