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Monday briefing no 8: Monday 10 April 2017

Dear colleagues,

We had an update and a good discussion at the staff meeting last week about relicensing of AHSNs and I promised to capture it for those who weren’t there.

It went like this:

  • NHS England had a timetable in which its internal debates about the future role of AHSNs would conclude by the end of March; AHSNs would apply for a new 5 year licence by the end of June; the selection process would be completed by the end of September and announcements would be made from October.
  • The timetable is slipping and informal advice is that a draft licence won’t be available for AHSNs to base their applications on until after the end of June. This means that we can’t stick to our original timetable of taking a detailed organisational structure to the Board in June.
  • Once a revised timetable is made known to us, we will reschedule our plan and discuss it with all staff.
  • Meanwhile we are continuing to work on several  matters including: the engagement and communications workstream;  assembling case studies and other material for the application process;  reviewing our business processes and beginning to develop the Programme Management Office to underpin future working
  • In parallel and linked to this conversation with NHS England we understand that the Government’s response to the Accelerated Access Review is due to be published in late April / early May. It is expected to include a number of interesting developments from an AHSN perspective including “Innovation Exchanges” which could build on a lot of our current “Enterprise” work. Lars and colleagues are engaging with local partners to understand how they would like to work with us in future and what opportunities they see. The working title for this project is “Helix”
  • Over the next few months the Governments Industrial Strategy and Life Sciences Strategy are both due to be published and we don’t know whether they will have new opportunities for AHSNs.
  • We are on the point of submitting our Business Plan for 2017/18 to NHS England and our Quarter 4 Assurance Report will go to the before Easter.

A final piece of news is that Tasha Swinscoe is returning to us from 22 May 2017 following her secondment. This means we will say goodbye to Emma Roberts – with many thanks for doing a sterling job over the past months. We will have a chance to say a proper THANK YOU to Emma before she leaves.

As ever, if anyone of you has any concerns, they can have a private discussion with their Line Manager, Dave, or any of the workstream leads.

Kind Regards,