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Monday briefing no 5: 13 March 2017

Dear Colleagues,

The Monday Briefing, with latest updates on our relicensing and change journey, comes from me today (Lars) and will be fairly brief.

Firstly our thoughts are with Deborah, whom as you know, lost her mother last week. Thanks to all of you who were able to contribute to the note and flowers that we sent round. Deborah has fed back how pleased she was to receive these and our thoughts at this time.

Relicensing project board meeting

The relicensing project board met again today (Monday 13 March).  As the individual workgroups are now up and running, we discussed how these could be synchronized over the next few months. The meeting documentation will continue to be available on the staff member pages of the website at Both Dave Evans and I are available this week (Monday – Thursday) if any of you have any issues you would like to discuss.

Feedback from the board meeting on 8 March

The board was well attended and three key topics were highlighted in discussions, which were picked up by Emma Roberts at our team huddle last Thursday.

  • We discussed a paper which Anna and I submitted outlining how national and local innovation programmes are likely to be managed by AHSNs over the next year. The Accelerated Access Review calls for the creation of ‘innovation exchanges’ and we will set up a task and finish group to discuss how we could work with our local partners to achieve this. Internally we are calling this the HELIX for now – this stands for Health and Life Sciences Innovation Exchange.
  • Our business plan 2017-2018 was presented. It was well received and approved.
  • Emma presented a paper on how the senior team might be restructured, which she also discussed at our team huddle. This suggests a smaller senior team with an MD supported by an improvement associate, an innovation associate, a director of strategy, and a separately funded patient safety lead.

You can find all the board papers on the website at

Message about relicensing for external contacts

A few people have asked what we should be saying to people outside the team about relicensing and the move to a new business model. There is now an article on our website about this, which will be included in the March edition of our e-newsletter going out later today. So if you’re asked any questions about what our future plans are, this is a good resource to point people to.  Find the article at