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Monday briefing no 4: 6 March 2017

Dear Colleagues

Here is today’s Monday Briefing, with latest updates on our relicensing and change journey.

Staff meeting discussion: Thursday 2 March

At our staff meeting last we week we reviewed how the Monday briefing and the FAQs are going. It was a very engaging conversation and these are the main points:

  • People value the weekly briefing and understand that sometimes there is not a lot to say
  • It’s good that it is early in the week and not on Fridays
  • It works better if there’s someone in the office who can any answer questions that arise from it. If not, then it’s OK to issue it later in the week
  • Some issues are more complicated and can be explored better face-to-face. We agreed we’ll use the staff meeting for these kinds of conversations or have a ‘huddle’ – an impromptu meeting when the briefing comes out. There will be additional formal meetings at significant points in the relicensing process.

Process for filling vacant posts

We recapped on the process for filling posts at the staff meeting last week and noted:

  • We have instituted a vacancy review process to try to be consistent and fair to everyone.
  • We will continue to offer short-term posts as secondments to our member organisations. The people on secondment will not be advantaged in any way over our own staff in the restructuring process.
  • We don’t particularly want our own staff to move from their existing roles to secondments as it simply moves the gaps around. However if one of the Executive Team believes that a staff member can fulfil a vacancy and  cover most or all of their existing role, then this will be considered by the Exec Team as part of the initial vacancy review.
  • We will continue to use contractors or staff on the RUH bank (including suggesting that independent traders might want to join the RUH bank) as this helps with flexibility.
  • The numbers of vacancies we need to fill is likely to be small, although one or two may arise from our Business Plan for 2017/18.

We noted that when we get to the point of publishing a proposed structure and consulting with staff, we will review this process again.

Relicensing project board meeting

The first meeting of the relicensing project board was earlier today (Monday 6 March).  The meeting documentation is available on the staff member pages of the website.  In future, updates from the meeting will be incorporated into this briefing.

West of England AHSN Board

The Board meets this week on Wednesday 8 March and, as we mentioned at the staff meeting, the main items of business are the Business Plan 2017/18 and a report about the relicensing process.  All the papers will be published on the website as usual, and we will have a ‘huddle’ for anyone who is available and has questions about the reports.  The huddle will take place on Thursday 9 March at 9am in the open plan office with Emma or I available to answer questions.

HR and organisational development workstream

Following the Board meeting and in line with the timetable we shared at the away day there are opportunities to meet up with a member of the project team for an informal one-to-one discussion as part of the collaboration and design stage. As the leads for the HR/OD workstream, Dave and Sian have set aside some dates this month for some initial one-to-one meetings:

  • 15 March
  • 16 March
  • 22 March.

While these initial sessions will not form part of our formal consultation on any changes we introduce, they will provide an opportunity for you to share feedback on the communications you have received so far, talk through any concerns or suggestions you may have, and discuss your own short and longer term career aspirations.

Simply contact either Dave or Sian directly to organise a time for a chat. If these dates don’t suit you, they will find another convenient time slot.

As ever, anyone who has a concern or query is invited to talk with their line manager, with Dave Evans as lead for the HR/OD workstream, or either myself or Emma.